Enrolling Student Packets

<p>Hi everyone! My name is Tyler Socash - one of the Admissions Counselors at the University of Rochester. </p>

<p>I just wanted to lessen the Enrolling Student Packet anxiety by letting everyone know that we began mailing these packets yesterday (Monday, May 9th) and our goal is to have all packets mailed out by the end of the week. They should be arriving at your doorstep within 2 weeks (perhaps a little longer for international students).</p>

<p>These Enrolling Student Packets contain dining & housing information, orientation info, and more. </p>


<p>Thank you, I was getting anxious because I had not received anything yet.</p>

<p>Any student who sent in their Decision Reply Form and their 600 dollar Enrollment Deposit by May 2nd should receive their Enrolling Student Packets this week. The last of these packets were sent out last Friday, May 6th.</p>

<p>For students who deposited after the deadline due to a late admission notification, your Enrolling Student Packet will be sent on a rolling basis. Check your mail boxes / post office!</p>

<p>My decision making date is May30. If I deposit the money on the 28th, will I receive the packet in 2 weeks? If not, is it possible to set up and have me myself pick it up from the school since I am from Iowa and will need to find apartment in Rochester when I get there, so I will not have a permanent address.</p>

<p>My daughter received her packet today (finally). She was getting very anxious. She loves the t-shirt. I am curious as to why in 2011 it is so paper-intensive and manual. Are there any plans to move to filling out these forms electronically? It would be better for the environment, save significant dollars in postage and paper, and be much more timely. I am surprised that a top-notch university as Rochester has not moved in that direction. i also cannot imagine her doctor being very happy to have to fill out a bubble form about her immunization history when he can print out a form from her electronic record in his office. Thanks - I look forward to your response.</p>

<p>I really like the idea of an electronic "Enrolling Student Packet". I will bring up the idea next time I speak with the Communications Team in our office and get back to you. Saving trees and saving $$$ sounds fantastic in my opinion. (I'm an environmentalist!)</p>

<p>Transfer Enrolling Student Packets will be sent out on a rolling basis starting next week. Whenever we receive your deposit you can expect to receive the packet approximately two weeks later.</p>

<p>lavender12, don't worry about the doctor's form. We just sent the form that d's doctor printed out; I bubbled in anything I could. Apparently this was just fine, since d graduated on Sunday! (Probably the wettest, coldest graduation on record, but she graduated nonetheless!)</p>

<p>Tyler : Thank you so much! In addition to the environmental benefits, I personally feel so much better when I send something in electronically and have confirmation that it was received thatn relying on the post office to deliver something. My D is super-excited to attend Rochester - she is now anxiously waiting on her ED housing preference stuff!</p>

<p>Chevda: Thanks - and congratulations!</p>

<p>Tyler, Congratulations on your new position. My D was accepted and sent her 600 dollar deposit by May 1. The check has cleared and she received confirmation via email. She has not received a packet yet though. Should she call your office next week? Thank you.</p>

<p>Tyler, my apologies. The enrolling student packet has been in our home mailbox for days and we just found it. We always receive mail at our post office box so I guess there truly is a first time for everything. We are pouring over every delicious detail as I type. Thank you.</p>