Enrollment Contracts

So me and my family are filling out the contract and decided on a plan we like, but is there interest on the tuition should you choose to pay in multiple installments? It doesn’t mention anything about interest rates in the payment plans though.

So is there usually interest rates on tuition if you pay in installments? Should we call the Dean Of Enrollment?

I think the schools make you buy tuition insurance that allows you to pay in installments. I think the insurance is about 1% of the tuition.


No interests. Just required insurance fee + processing fee (around $50-100)

Normally no interests. But double check the contract details for confirmation.

It depends on the school and their tuition management program. DS’s school for the first two years did not charge a fee for payment plans…but then they switched tuition management companies and we had to pay 1% extra to use the 10 month payment plan.

Just do the math :smiley: :wink:

confirmed there is no interest just a TRP.