Enrollment this year?

<p>Since Brown took no one off the wait list this year, I was curious if they over enrolled the class. I remember reading where a year or two ago they didn't have enough housing for freshmen so they put freshmen in the lounges. Does anyone know how things look this year?</p>


<p>But they might have a plan in place for what to do in case that happens now. Idk, just conjecture.</p>

<p>Over-enrollment was a problem. In my year, they needed to convert some kitchens into doubles, and this actually led to a fire in my dorm.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I have no insight into next year.</p>

<p>The converted rooms generally suck. Hopefully they don't have to, because that means the non-freshman in summer assignment housing are likely to get shafted as well: even last year, when there wasn't freshman over-enrollment (though there was in the sophomore class), one of my friends was stuck living in a triple, converted from a kitchen. Luckily, housing cleared up (as juniors moved out to study away), and he moved in the spring, but yeah. That would not be so much fun.</p>

<p>haha, sucks for us but at least the yield is good news on behalf of the university right? vicarious joy? lol</p>

<p>hey, this yield thing was what I initially thought, but if I have to sacrifice my dorm for this, uhh damnn...</p>

<p>Yield is good. Brown brought in kids from the waitlist last year, and in general should have places to move people about, especially as the class who was overbooked last time is now the junior class, and so some of them will be living off campus. Furthermore, Brown's housing isn't stellar, at least in comparison with like schools. You don't come to Brown for the dorms. But, our dorms are generally largish (even converted spaces) and good enough. ResLife will find space for everyone, and if we've already been through it once, I wouldn't imagine too many problems arising. Plus, next year all you incoming freshman will have the advantage of the renovated Faunce House, as a place to go and hang out, which should help with social space issues a bit.</p>

<p>Son's not too concerned. He's just happy he was accepted.</p>

<p>Social space issues?</p>

<p>If students are forced to live in lounge space, that means there's no lounge for the dorm (Wooley for the past couple years comes to mind). So one needs other places to socialize.</p>

<p>On the other hand, the lucky few who get placed in converted lounges have huuuuuge rooms. I've seen some of them; they're seriously gigantic.</p>