Entered Wrong College Course Category

Hello I recently got admitted into UCI and I had a question that I am extremely worried about. In my sophomore year, I took Journalism. During the time when I was applying to UCs, I thought Journalism belonged to the B (English) category, so I entered it as English. However, I recently realized that Journalism belongs to the G (College-prepatory electives) category. I cannot edit my courses since I submitted my application already. Am I gonna get rescinded for this? I am extremely nervous about it.

No, just email UCI admissions that you categorized the course in the wrong section. As long as you have 4 years of English including Senior year, you will be fine.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for keep bothering you, but are you sure that they will understand my situation and fix it so that I won’t be rescinded? I also realized that Computer Science that I took in my junior year belongs to the G category. I did contact the UCI Admissions Councelor in my Admissions Status Portal, but I am just so worried and I’m literally freaking out right now.

Schools know that applicants are not perfect and will make mistakes. Wrong categorization of the courses is not a huge mistake vs. leaving off pertinent HS information. I believe you will be fine. Schools do not like to rescind so it has to be a pretty bad mistake before they would consider taking back your acceptance.

Thank you so much for your help. I emailed the UCI Admissions office, but I couldn’t email them because
“Thank you for your email inquiry. Because you have submitted an application to UCI, all inquires and communication can be found within the UCI Applicant Portal. The answers to many common questions can be found by visiting the FAQ tab on the main landing page.”
This is what they said. So, I contacted them through the UCI Admissions Counselor. I was just so scared by the statement that said my application might be withdrawn if “The information you submitted on your application or through communication with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions does not match official documentation.” under the conditions of admission. Again, that you so much for the help. I will tell you any information that I hear back from UCI!