Entering high school next year--how can i get into princeton?

<p>Princeton is my dream school. I love its neighborhood, the small town environment and its focus on research.. and how its goal is to make a person "richer" with education. Meaning, not to get you to be a big bucks millionare.. Anyways I really really want to get in more than anything!!! What are some things that I should make sure to do in high school? I don't want to take the wrong steps. </p>

<p>I'm attending a private high school, with lots of athletics programs, arts opportunities, and there's a whole science building for lab research. </p>

<p>I'm going to begin studying Latin next year (after 3 years of Spanish in middle school...I want to try something new), I'm in advanced science (chemistry focused) and advanced geometry.
I also play tennis, won piano competitions for years...and play the bass.</p>

<p>Princeton doesn't look favorably on kids who study latin, chemistry, or geometry. We also have way too may tennis players and WAY too many piano players (just ask anyone who studies in Frist Campus Center, it's true) - and I've heard that the admissions office is looking to reduce the number of people they accept with these qualities.</p>

<p>I think you're already taking the wrong steps. You better change directions soon while you still have time. But act quickly, since you're actually a little behind in preparing yourself - most of us Princetonians were preparing well before middle school.</p>



<p>You could start by calming down, waiting year-year and a half, and just do what you find to be fun.</p>

<p>I would say relax and keep up good grades. If you can land a good SAT or ACT score, you're in good shape. It's important to find yourself and not be too cliche. You seem to have a good amount of extracurricular activities, so as a ninth and tenth grader, just sail through. It is junior year where you will begin to really focus on things (by then you will know what it is that you need to focus on) and buckle down.</p>

<p>Besides keeping up good grades, there's not that much to do.</p>

<p>get a job at goldman sachs, make millions, have a building built in your name at the university, then apply--you will get in.</p>

<p>you can get into princetoN by getting into UPeNN first and see how it goes there okay?</p>