Entering Sophomore Year of High School- I need advice.

So, I know you guys probably don’t like kiddies like me coming on here, but a senior in my history was telling me that I don’t have that much time and I need to get my grades up. She just got into UMD- College Park.

My Info


GPA: 3.0 UW

1st Semester Grades

Honors Biology-B
AP US History- C
Honors English-B
Spanish 2- B
Gym (if it even matters)- A

2nd Semester
Honors Biology-B
Health- B
AP US History- C
Spanish 2- B
Geometry- B
Honors English- B
Gym (if it even matters)- A


Warm Up America (Crochet and Knit Blankets for Homeless people)
Class Office- Parliamentarian
Sign Language class at community college
Homework Hotline ( A TV show on public television)

MY Dream would to become a nurse and attend UMD, Michigan, JHU (all reaches) or Alabama, Baylor, Boston University or Northeastern.

Thank You ahead of time.

First of all, don’t get discouraged by reading these boards. Apprarently the vast majority of posters are in the 98% if you believe their scores and grades.

You should work on your grades, however. A “B” in Health? What’s up with that?

If you are struggleing with AP and honors classes, consider not taking them. Or maybe just drop the AP classes and focus on better grades in honors.

Nursing is a great profession. You definately want to get a BSN, but the particular school doesn’t really matter. An RN is an RN. After the BSN, work a year or two and then I strongly recommend going on to get your masters. You will do much better in the areas of promotion (management) with a masters.

That GPA has to come up. Believe it or not, even a two year community college RN program is competitive. A 3.0 would be a minimum. They want to see good grades, and some exposure to clinical settings (volunteer at the hospital for a summer, for example).

For a BSN program you will have to take (more than likely) chemistry and statistics. Take these in high school so that it won’t be so difficult in college.

By the way, this is all coming from an RN with experience and knowlege about today’s hiring practices. Good luck.

Thank you for the advice, I’ll be sure to raise my GPA. I’m going to nursing camp at a college next week so I hope that’s my exposur.

Yuppie. Work on bringing that gpa to a 3.5 next year ease up on course load. I can tell that c hurt your GPA. Most schools dont allow freshmen to take APUSH.

I personally think it’s pretty admirable that you took APUSH in 9th grade and managed to pass. I don’t know what colleges would think, but I would think it’s pretty cool! What did you get on the exam?

If you happen to be a really good test taker, very high PSAT scores could open a lot of doors for (especially at Northeastern, which has a full tuition scholarship for National Merit Finalists). Take it for practices as a sophomore this fall. The junior PSAT will be the one that counts.

I got a 3 on the AP Exam.