Entrance into the Indiana University Honor College

<p>I was asked to write a brief letter explaining why I wanted to be admitted into the program. Any advice on editing this letter would be appreciated. Be harsh, but constructive. It means a lot to me to get in.</p>

<p>I am seeking entrance into the Hutton Honor College to help achieve both my personal and professional goals.
I believe to give the best to others; you must first give the best to yourself. I have put much effort into my academics, community, work, and extracurriculars during my high school career and will continue doing so during my time at IU. Honor courses will allow me to gain deeper knowledge of subjects while pursuing my degree in environmental sciences. The experiences offered at HHC are the kind of opportunities that will someday help me make a greater impact in my chosen field of work.
Admittance to HHC will also add weight to my resume and allow me to secure a stable career. It will also give me an edge while pursing my dream of becoming a U.S. Peace Corp. volunteer.
I bring a strong work ethic and optimism into everything I do and am excited by the prospect of bring this into the Hutton Honor College.</p>