Entrepreneurship/Corporate Innovation

Hi! I wanted to ask what kind of jobs students who are majoring in Entrepreneurship/Corporate Innovation degrees typically go into! Could I become a brand manager with this degree?

Are you in a good school with a lot of connections? Then no.

STEM > Business Degrees.

Don’t major in stupid stuff. The only two useful degrees in business in the business school is accounting and management information systems.

I think entrepreneurship majors and concentrations are ideal because they teach all aspects of business with an entrepreneurial mindset. If you double major with marketing or major in 1 and minor in the other, you will be in good shape for brand management. Note, however, that the blue chip brand management jobs with large consumer companies are hard to get and often MBA’s apply and the corporations recruit at choice schools.

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Haha - is this true, NewDegreePlus? Seems like there might be more than that? Is entrepreneurship a ‘soft’ business class? Seems like it might be a good one for the current world of innovation (despite the immediate economic downturn).