Entry-level jobs in Economic Development?

<p>Can anyone point to good resources for getting an entry-level job in economic development, or provide advice on how to find opportunities?</p>

<p>I graduated from Cornell last June with a BA in Economics and Government, with minors in International Relations and German. My GPA was "meh" (3.4). From a cursory Googling of development jobs, it seems most want people with at least a masters degree. In my head, the ideal plan would be to do 1-2 years abroad doing something related to economic development, then apply to a masters program in a related field (such as IR, MPP, etc.). I'm currently working at a nonprofit that deals with NY policy issues, so I have some experience.</p>

<p>I tried the Peace Corps, but was rejected. Supposedly their business development programs are super-competitive right now (which is what an econ degree qualifies me for) because they've recently had to close programs and move people around who were already serving.</p>

<p>are you open to domestic jobs related to economic development? AFAIK, the international side is quite competitive (see what the world bank is looking for on their website), and as you mentioned it will be difficult without a masters.</p>

<p>perhaps you shift your plan to 1-2 years doing domestic work that is related, then go to grad school and focus on internships on the international side?</p>

<p>surprised you didn't make the peace corps cut... that was going to be my first suggestion.</p>

<p>I'm definitely open to something domestic as well.</p>

<p>I was actually shocked regarding Peace Corps. I had been nominated for service before, but decided to take my current research position and defer it for a year, figuring the policy research (even if only related to NY and not int'l econ development) would only help my goals in the future. As an aside, my current job is close to my family and for personal reasons, that was a really attractive option. Peace Corps didn't even let me interview this time around after I applied, which I didn't even know could happen. I assume I'm not that grossly underqualified, so I actually believe the recruiter when he said the opportunities for business development are crazy right small now. Supposedly they're closing several of their projects in countries that do the type of work I'd be qualified for due to security reasons, so they're scrambling to move those people around. Plus they've already got a large pool of people currently nominated who have all their clearances waiting for opportunities to show up in countries. I think my Peace Corps application was just a case of really bad timing.</p>