Envelope today

<p>My son was admitted EA to Boston College. Today he received another welcome package and another letter. This letter included matriculation details such as costs, orientation etc (although he hasn’t accepted yet).
This may signify RD decisions will be following sooner rather then later. Good Luck!</p>

<p>I hope that's the case. March 15th - April 15th is a pretty wide window. Although some people are getting links for residence life forms, so it seems possible...</p>

<p>I was admitted EA as well, and I got the same package today. It was almost the same as the original acceptance letter, so I thought it was kind of odd. I definitely got the message that I was accepted the first time...</p>

<p>The letter also said you could look up Fin Aid, so I figured maybe it was posted online. All my son's Info was received and uploaded by BC on 3/4/08. There was no package info with the letter, and agora says no package was available. Guess the middle class parents get nothing here either...lol (I say this because I am already paying in full for my daughter in Georgetown) Oh well...</p>

<p>I enjoyed it. I went over to my mom and said "look, I got accepted to BC again!"<br>
Now if they would only send another letter regarding a new financial aid policy.....</p>

<p>I'd bet that they're trying to grab applicants' attentions again: December was a long time ago, and BC is probably just trying to keep afloat amidst the other decisions people will be invariably receiving.</p>

<p>the financial aid will probably be given out later on, possibly in mid april</p>

<p>where do u guys live?</p>

<p>I live in Hawaii, so maybe friday or saturday?</p>

<p>S2 received the same package today. At the time he was accepted EA they had not set the costs for the '08-'09 school year (ouch!), plus they had all the information about the orientation dates, etc. He did seem to enjoy the additional "acceptance"!!</p>

<p>do the reslife thing come out in waves, or if you're accepted would you have the link by now? not that i can see my page anyway, apparently my account is having issues bc nothing is loading. but it would be nice to know so i can check when it stops....having problems. thanks :)</p>

<p>"the financial aid will probably be given out later on, possibly in mid april"</p>

<p>IMO, they should send it earlier. Some schools determine housing on a first come, first serve basis. Waiting so long to find out that BC isn't giving much aid throws everything off at the schools that sent final costs early.</p>

<p>not necessarily, the deadline to make the decision of which college you'll be going to is usually May 1st. There is plenty of time to decide whether or not a person can afford the education. I would venture to guess; however, that fin aid will be send no later than mid april. They'll probably be mailed out at the same time RD people get their acceptence/rejection/wait-list envelopes.</p>

<p>Has everyone that said that haven't gotten a financial aid package yet checked on Agora? I haven't gotten anything in the mail about financial aid, but I checked the fin aid part of Agora in late January and I got my "package"--aka BC telling me I get nothing. But it also appeared on the Facebook BC 2012 group that other people had received actual financial aid, so you might want to check.</p>

<p>well i have a good conditional award, but when will it change from conditional to ,.,..erm, real?</p>

<p>Are all of you that recvd these packages EA applicants? My son applied RD and has not recvd anything yet :(</p>

<p>yeah we are all EA</p>

<p>just got it, it was cool, i wonder if we get another one when RD's come out lol</p>