Environment Majors

<p>I am an Indian with an American high school diploma who began studying English (Honors) in Delhi last July. I would like to transfer to McGill's School of Environment, but I'm confused about the distinctions between the various environment major offerings. What is the difference between the B.Sc. (Ag.Env.Sc.) and B.Sc. programs? Is the B.A.&Sc. program the most selective out of the four environment programs, and the B.Sc. (Ag.Env.Sc.) program the least? How is the B.Sc. environment program at the downtown campus different from the same offering at the Macdonald one? Also, on the program choice part of the application, does the admission committee consider an applicant equally for both indicated program selections? I somehow ended up putting the program I'm more interested in as my optional alternate chocie; I'll have to redo the entire application if I want to switch the two around. A quick response to my questions would be very helpful and much appreciated. Thanks a lot!</p>