Hi, everyone! I am a freshman in high school so I know I still have a lot of time to think, but I’m very interested in CCM. I’m just curious to know what the environment of the surrounding area/campus itself is like, as well as the actual environment of working there.
I am a very passionate, driven, hard-working person and have been singing all my life, as well as dancing and acting for years. I was raised on musical theatre and I want to make it my career, and I feel that CCM is somewhere that could really help me be a better performer, but I’m a little uncertain about:
a) the fact that I’m an international student (Canada) - how hard would it be to finance an education here? Is it harder to get in as an international student, or is that not a factor?
b) how high-pressure the environment is there - I like to think that I would be able to handle it, but I’m not sure. How manageable is it/is it hard to adapt to at first?

Also, does it matter whether or not you have been in professional productions prior to studying at CCM? I’ve only been in one, and I’m not sure if that’s a factor upon applying as well.

Thank you!

Hi @dianaa604 - I am the parent of a current MT senior at Wright State University - about an hour away from CCM. I cannot speak to the internal environment at CCM, nor to how being an international student affects your chances (maybe contact the CCM admissions office for that one, and the Financial Aid office), BUT I can speak to the surrounding area/campus. I’ve lived close to the University of Cincinnati (UC, home to CCM) most of my life and my MT S (and his brothers) attended lessons and classes in the CCM Prep department for several years. My eldest S graduated from UC in 2014.

Once the boys reached upper elementary/middle school age, I felt pretty safe letting them wander by themselves around CCM and the student center - usually in the company of each other or with other kids from their classes. Wandering the area late at night is not a wise idea, but UC campus security and the Cincinnati Police have made some changes in recent years that make the campus and surrounding area much safer than it used to be. The campus is not far from THE “hippest” part of downtown Cincinnati, and the area immediately around the campus has seen tremendous revitalization in the last 5-10 years. Lots of things to do. The student housing choices - both on and off campus - are pretty amazing. My eldest S lived in cheaper off-campus housing which had its upsides and downsides.

I don’t know if past professional credit has any weight in the acceptance decisions - I’m sure the audition is the primary factor. I’ve seen many shows at CCM and the playbills list some students who have past professional Broadway credits and some students who were only in high school productions. CCM is one of the most competitive MT programs to get into. It accepts and produces some very talented performers. Good luck working towards your goal.