Environmental Analysis and Policy

NOTE: I originally posted the same thing on the science majors forum, but decided it would be a better fit somewhere else as it is more of a social science major issue. Please delete the original post if this is not allowed


I am a rising junior at my college and am currently majoring in marine science (and no, I didn’t come here for a lecture on why that is a useless major because I love it anyway ). With that being said, I have found that I am also interested in the field of environmental analysis and policy, and am considering double majoring in EAP. While I considered trying to just get some intern/work experience in the field, I have come to the conclusion that the major classes offer valuable information and skills to warrant the second major. I could choose to specialize in environmental modelling (GIS, remote sensing, etc.), economic/policy analysis, international policy, or no specialty at all (a mix of all three).

My main question though, is what kind of jobs would be available for EAP? So far I have come across some consulting, but not much else. If it matters, by the time I graduate I will have plenty of office experience, and hope to pursue an internship next summer in an environmental area, although I am not positive how well that will work out due to time/financial constraints.

I should also note that at some point I would like to go into teaching, but it appears that will not happen right away. So, my goal for now is to explore jobs that I am interested in and would also be qualified for


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