Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science

<p>Need some help here friends, my D is deciding between the 2 and I was wondering which one would be the best job security and job availability in the future for her. She likes the environmental side of things but not mucking around in a swamp or a tree huger. Any input would be much appreciated.</p>

<p>I am a student so I am not totally sure about the outlook for Environmental engineering but I think it would have more job opportunities. Ive heard it can be pretty hard to get a good job with an environmental science degree. But she will have to decide if she wants to go through all the engineering requirements such as 4 semesters of calculus, 2 semester of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, 2 semesters of physics, statics, and whatever else your school requires. I am a junior studying civil engineering and considering an emphasis in environmental engineering. </p>

<p>Make sure she knows what environmental engineering is. Some people have a skewed view of what you actually do/study. Its stuff like harzardous waste management, air pollution, risk assessment, clean up of contaminated sites and water/waste water treatment.</p>

<p>Go with engineering - I'm pretty sure an engineer can be a scientist but not the other way around.</p>

<p>Much help guys....Thanks</p>

<p>I'll just add to the echo chamber as an environmental engineering student (hydraulics). I generally advise my younger cousins to take as much math and physics as they can. So many people avoid the subjects like the plague that people are willing to pay you good sums of money if you can apply it to a real-world problem (aka engineering).</p>

<p>There are a lot of different subjects in environmental engineering that one can choose to follow. CivilEngr hit some, but I'll put in the whole field of water resources engineering, which includes hydraulics, sediment transport, water management, and ties into the other subjects fairly well since water/sediment is usually the media that transports the contamination.</p>

<p>So the consensus is that your daughter should go for environmental engineering. Were you expecting anything different from the engineering forum? :)</p>