environmental science and history double major

<p>What schools have both a great liberal arts college and a great engineering school? Any recommendations?</p>

<p>A few good ones:</p>


<p>thanks. any more suggestions? Isn't swarthmore a liberal arts college? Do liberal arts colleges have good engineering programs?</p>

<p>i'm not sure about good engineering programs, but they have these 3-2 engineering programs, where you go to lib arts for 3 years, set the foundation for engineering then go on to a school or college of engineering elsewhere for 2 years. and you usually have a science based major, but you don't necessarily have to as long as you do take a good amount of science and math classes. i think ucsb and ucb have a collaboration where you take a non-science major. anyways after five years you get a ba in your undergrad major from the lib arts, then get a bs from your engineering school. only problem is that lots of people don't go through with the whole 5 year plan. they get attached to their class at the lib arts college and end up finishing out their 4th year to get their ba with everyone else. then from there they don't usually go into engineering.</p>

<p>i don't know what college to focus on, liberal or engineering. I like history and sociology, but i also like science and economics. i don't mind being in college for 5 years. i just want to have a bunch of experience.</p>

<p>Generally, the best engineering programs are at universities - and generally, it's very difficult to double major with an engineering degree. Swat has a tiny engineering program. I don't know, but I imagine it's highly regarded - if for no other reason than that the students are brilliant. I think I read somewhere that Swat's engineering program tends to be more theoretical.</p>


<p>Check out the following universities:</p>

<p>Cornell University
Duke University
Johns Hopkins University
Northwestern University
Princeton University
Rice University
Stanford University
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
University of Wisconsin-Madison</p>

<p>if you want lib-arts and engineering...i'd recommend Harvey Mudd and the claremont colleges. Harvey Mudd is the science/engineering college of them and you don't declare a specific engineering major. you can also cross-register at the other schools for minors and other classes.</p>