Environmental Science at Etown...

<p>Any input would be a big help. My D is interested in Environmental Science and or Environmental Engineering. I was wondering if Elizabethtown has a top notch Environmental Science program. We are also looking at Lafayette, Juanita, and Muhlenberg. But back to Elizabethtown, we visited a few months ago and really liked the campus, our guide was into the arts so we did not get much info on the science's. A good tour but I think we need a personal one with a visit to the department head. Anyway if someone can fill me in on what anything you know about the school and all it has to over. Thanks so much.</p>

<p>Anybody out there, it's been 2 months and 80 some views. Hello....</p>

<p>OK daughter got accepted any help here?</p>

<p>Don't know anything about environmental science, but we have found Etown to be very friendly and helpful. My daughter did an overnight along with a visit day for communications majors and had a great time. We are waiting on hopefully an acceptance soon. Your best bet for more info on a specific program might be to contact faculty in that department.</p>

<p>My son graduated from Etown 6 years ago. He was a computer science major, so I know nothing about environmental science. I can say that every single person I ever met at Etown from professors to secretaries to book store and cafeteria workers were the friendliest people I've ever met. Contact the dapartment - I'm sure they will be more than willing to answer your questions.
I think the quality of the education at Etown was outstanding, and he had an internship senior year that led to a great full time job.l</p>

<p>Thanks for the info, it all helps.</p>

<p>Same here. My son graduated in 2005 from Etown but not in Environmental Science. He was an education major and his GF (now wife) was a Chemistry major. Both graduated in 4 years, while playing a sport for 4 years. We thoroughly enjoyed his time there. His academic advisor worked closely with him to get him through in 4.</p>

<p>hi laxmom, i was wondering if etown set your son and his gf up for good opportunities with regards to employment? did he elect to go to grad school or did he obtain a job right away? if you can provide any details as to if he did very well and whatnot so we can separate the cause and effect of whether it was simply his drive as a student or if the school brand helped/hurt him.</p>