Environmental Science--easy?

<p>Anyone know any environmental science majors? Is it easy? Hard? Thinkin' pre-med here.</p>

<p>not sure if its easy, but make sure that if your picking something easy that it at least interests you somewhat. You don't wanna be stuck in a program that bores you for 4 years.</p>

<p>I like it. Just want to know if it's do-able.</p>

<p>I think it's definitely easier than bio/chem/physics, but it's not like any college major is gonna be a joke.=]</p>

<p>What teamfrangela said. But I disagree with this:

but it's not like any college major is gonna be a joke.=]


Except business!</p>

<p>Well of course not P: It's just I've never ever been exposed to climate, ocean, and well...the 'other' types of sciences..hydrology..climatology..I was wondering how those classes seem?</p>

<p>yea, this is a problem I have too. In Canada, science only divides into Bio., Chem and Physics in gr.11. In gr.9 and 10 it is just general science. So, I don't get a lot of exposure to all these sub strands of science. So, next year when I apply I'll be confused because I've only learned so much of every science, not enough detail to know which one I'd truly like. I have a passion for science, but I wouldn't know which particular area of science...</p>