Environmental studies at Amherst College


I’m 99% sure I’m applying ED to Amherst, but since I plan on taking multiple courses in the department (if not majoring) and I’ve heard that the Amherst environmental studies major is pretty new, I figured I might as well start a forum.

I visited Amherst, and loved the Geology Museum/am excited by the construction of a new energy-efficient science building. I would love to hear from people who have taken environmental studies (literature, science, fieldwork) courses, and especially from ES majors.

My D took intro and liked it very much. She’s not an ES major though.

My daughter has the same question as OP. Thanks for posting that question!

The highly respected Ecology Project International organization has compiled a list of the best colleges for ecology and environmental studies. Amherst is listed. The list is by no means inclusive of all the great schools for environmental science. I would have included Duke and others, but it’s an acknowledgment that Amherst is an excellent school to study environmental science.


Thanks everyone!

I know that college is not trade school, but environmental science is high on this list: