Environmental Studies...is it useful?

<p>I was thinking of getting a BA degree in environmental studies with a earth science or a management and policy concentration. I want to do environmental studies since i love the outdoors and the sciences. </p>

<p>however my only worry is jobs. Will this degree get me a nice job while working outdoors with a decent income? </p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>I suppose you can find some jobs with just a Enviromental Studies degree, but if you want to move up in your career and be successful than you should look into business school or law school</p>

<p>Would law schools even consider an applicant with a environmental studies degree though?
I'm also clueless if i want to declare this as my major because I also heard that people with environmental science degrees are known as tree-huggers and firms don't even consider hiring someone with a environmental studies degree.</p>

<p>That is not at all true. People who go into enviromental studies work for reputable places like EPA. And there are law schools where your J.D. concentration is enviromental law. There is a program at Yale where you can earn a joint degree for the law school and forestry school. In conclusion, there are plenty of opprotunities in enviromental studies.</p>

<p>Oh thanks! I'm actually considering a degree in environmental studies now!</p>

<p>Wowville, that sounds just like my D. She is not a tree hugger save the whales person but likes the environment and the sciences. Which led us to fields like, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Policy and the such. Either way that field is so broad I believe you will not know for sure where you'll end up till your there. And that is a good thing, you may not think that now but the options are incredible. The sky is the limit.</p>

<p>Environmental studies is not the same as environmental science. </p>

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