EOP letter of recommendation?

<p>So I asked one of my teachers for a Letter of Recommendation for EOP. I was wondering how this should be done? I don't think he has done an EOP letter before because most of my classmates are "rich", so they don't usually qualify, especially since I asked an AP english teacher. But that's besides the point. The point is I am applying EOP to Cal Poly SLO and SJSU and I was wondering what is needed and when I have to send in the application by. I know FAFSA starts in Jan.</p>

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<p>What does EOP stand for?</p>

<p>EOP stands for Equal Opportunity Program. It is for families who make less than a certain amount annually. It gives students more Financial Aid for college and I've read that some schools offer summer tutoring if you qualify.</p>

<p>You should be able to find out when an application is due quite easily by visiting their website. Your teacher knows how to write a recommendation. Just be sure to provide any special recommendation forms, resume, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.</p>