<p>What exactly do I need to qualify for Binghamton's EOP program? My mother never went to college, while my father went to college but never used the degree he got for a job. My grades are rather good (I am ranked high in my class) but I do not have the finances to go to really any college unless I am successful in scholarships and student loans. Their website indicates that: "Binghamton's EOP students typically have SAT Scores (Combined) of 910-1040, ACT scores 17-21 and high school GPA between 83-88. " My Combined SAT score for all math and critical reading is a 1310, all three is a 1990, my ACT is a 27 and my GPA is a 92.8. I am confused since this is "typical" scores, not a requirement... Also, I fit into their Catagory A for financial eligibility. </p>

<p>Does anyone know if I would qualify for this program or will my grades mean I do not qualify?</p>