EPFL CMS program

Has anyone out here or know of someone who took CMS prep program at EPFL and got accepted to computer science undergrad program ? Is it doable to pass CMS exams? Any info/feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

Greetings, first of all I’d like to introduce myself as an international applicant applying to EPFL (I’ll have to go through the CMS as the baccalaureate I will be getting is not eligible to go straight to the 1st year of the bachelor).

I’d like to say that this is based on my research about CMS in EPFL, in order to apply to the bachelor 1st year, a 16/20 equivalent is required only to apply. You’d need around an 18/20 which is approximately an A+ or a 4.0 gpa, in order to get accepted. As lot a of people are applying to EPFL, and last year they had to deny a lot of really good profiles due to this increasing demand.

The CMS year, depending on your major, is very difficult, but not impossible, with a good work rythm, constant amount of productivity, it is doable. A minimum of about 50 hours+ is needed to get the job done. The CMS year is mainly concentrated in maths, + minors depending on your choice, as it is the base of the following years.

I was going to send all the past CMS exams as a google drive file, however I’m unable to do that Its goal is to test yourself, and see whether you are ready for the first year of bachelor and have the requirements taught in CMS, of course, the year is not over yet so you might not be able to answer some questions on this.

One more thing is that you’ll be required to have a minimum of B2 in french according to the CEFR, C1 is recommended, but, I think you’ll be fine with a B2.

If you‘d like to ask any more questions feel free to do so! :+1: