EPGY at Stanford

<p>I found a few threads from past years about this program and there seems to be conflicting information. Almost everyone agrees that it is fun, but some people say anyone gets in, while others say that it is competitive. Most of the discussion about its value in terms of college admissions dealt specifically with Stanford. Do you think it has any value a couple of years later for a student applying to a different top school? It's a long way across the country and isn't cheap. Are they better alternatives in the East?</p>

<p>My 9th grader isn't as challenged as she would like in HS and I guess they got her info from the PSAT. She didn't do awesomely well on it, but was about 90th percentile when compared to 10th graders that took it. She is looking for something that will be be fun, educational, and look good on college apps.</p>

<p>My 9th grader has been--it's fun and educational, but not that rigorus. I doubt it is impressive for college apps, if that's the goal, but for a 9th grader, it's a nice program. My Son liked it alot because he was around other smart kids, including interesting kids from other countries, and of course, Stanford is unbelievably beautiful and pleasant.</p>

<p>"some people say anyone gets in, while others say that it is competitive"
you should keep in mind that admission is selective, but it is farrrrr from the standards a university would select students. i attended the program in 2009 with a few friends and all my friends got in. with that being said, a couple of them had stellar grades, great ECs, etc. so the admission was absolutely expected. a couple others were good, but not exceptional - they didn't get their first (or first 2) course choices, but they still were admitted.</p>

<p>If you go, you will definitely meet smart people, although I have a feeling admission standards for freshman/sophomore is more lenient than would be for junior/senior.</p>

<p>It has value in the sense that it is an experience your kid will probably be able to reflect on and learn from which could potentially be inspiration for a college app essay. Attending EPGY also means you have something to fill out in the common app section that asks if you took courses on a college campus - but you could do that for a multitude of other summer programs too. However, since you get neither college credit nor a transcript for EPGY, it probably doesn't have too much sway in admission to a high-ranked college.</p>

<p>I also highly recommend CTY, which scatters across campuses on both east and west coast. If you search up individual colleges they usually have summer programs (both credit and enrichment) for high school students.</p>

<p>All in all, EPGY is definitely fun and educational and I was soooo sad when it ended. As for looking good on college apps... well, it definitely wouldn't be a deciding factor for admission, but it's nice to have. Good luck. :)</p>