EPGY, help!

<p>Is it hard to get into EPGY online courses? What do I need to apply for a university level class?</p>

<p>What's your background preparation and what class do you want to get in to?</p>

<p>i'm thinking of multivariable calc for next year. i'm an international student with a strong math background, and i'm pretty sure i will get a 5 for AP calc BC.</p>

<p>^ yup that's enough!</p>

<p>Actually, I'm not sure if you even have to submit the scores. Somehow when I was registering, they said that they had my name in their "eligible" list already so I didn't need to send anything.</p>

<p>Does EPGY help stanford chances?? If so, how much?</p>

<p>Taking a college math class after you've maxxed out at your high school helps. But it does not have to be EPGY. There may be less expensive courses.</p>

<p>Taking an EPGY university-level course, or any other college course, would definitely help, especially if you've done well on it.</p>

<p>The advantages of EPGY are that you would get credit from Stanford if you matriculate, and it's easier for them to see your achievements in it (that is if you've done really well).</p>