EPGY online courses...how do they actually work?

Hey guys.

I enrolled in the EPGY math online course about 4 months ago… and I couldn’t do any work due to the school work… so I’m kinda cramming.

And I just can’t understand how this system works…

The course schedule says review and test1 after 20 lectures… so I can just cram 20 lectures and take the test afterwards, right.??

And are the lectures supposed to be short? like 10 minutes each? Because I think something’s wrong with my epgy course program…

Please help me!!

I’m going back five years so get a second opinion. (Hoping I’m not confusing CTY with EPGY since my kids did both)

I remember the AP courses were the only ones that had a definite start date and end date for a specific amount, while the others had a general “x months” to complete and you paid in 6 month intervals, with the ability to take more courses if you finished early or be forced to spend more money if you slacked off.<br>
I believe you can cram a lot of assignments in a short time and take a test in order for you to finish fast, but double check with your contact person/instructor - you do get a student instructor who you can consult with.