EPGY Physics Courses

<p>Hi everyone.</p>

<p>I was wondering if anyone had taken the EPGY courses: Light & Heat, Modern Physics, or Intermediate Mechanics.
I will have the chance to take these courses this coming year, and I was wondering how others saw these classes.</p>

<p>How challenging were they? How much time (per week and in total) did they require?
I am really excited and I am looking forward to them.</p>

<p>I have heard that Light & Heat was not the most difficult course. But I am hoping to make the most of my last year in high school. Thanks for your replies.</p>

<p>Personally I think taking a course at your local community college would be better than wasting so much money on a e-course...but that's only my opinion.</p>

<p>During my first semester of senior year, I took Physics III (waves, optics, light, modern physics all calculus-based) which seems to be what you are interested in, Differential Equations and Multivariate Calculus.</p>

<p>Second semester, I just took a break and casually did math problems that interested me and read up on some stuff.</p>

<p>I previously looked into EPGY as well (for math and physics), but it seemed expensive and the idea of an e-course didn't look very appealing.</p>

<p>Thank you for the response. I am afraid that the college courses may not fit into my schedule.</p>

<p>I guess price is an issue here. Are there any other places that offer similar levels of education?</p>

<p>Just get a book and self study [ MIT OCW videos if you need help ].</p>

<p>For light/heat and modern physics, you can use any introductory physics textbook [ Young/Freedman, Halliday/Resnick ]</p>

<p>For intermediate mechanics, use Classical Dynamics by Marion and Thornton, or Introduction to Classical Mechanics by David Morin.</p>

<p>It's not worth the money, especially for an online course.</p>