Equal Application of Disciplinary Measures at BS?

Do the advantages of certain categories (legacy, athlete, faculty kid, URM, FP, etc.) in the admissions process of BS carry over to disciplinary practices once on campus? In other words, are disciplinary measures at most BS applied equally regardless of group/identity, or are certain folks treated more leniently than others when committing such infractions as cheating, bullying, drug/alcohol use, sexual imposition, etc.?

I am going to say 1st that it depends on the school. Some will show more leniency towards legacies (usually those that have names on buildings, etc) and some will show less.
I will also say that personally, I have heard of Trustee kids getting away with numerous things that other kids do not. I don’t think the URM or athletes have as much a tilted field as kids of big donors and BofT kids do. Personally, I think the leniency follows the money.
Again, the degree to which this happens depends on the school and the infraction committed. No school will risk headline news for anyone, no matter how big the check.


Hotchkiss: applied equally. I personally saw the school expel the son of the Chairman of the Board. (And the kid didn’t do anything wildly egregious).

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I also think it’s based upon the school and the infraction. During the interviewing process, we did feel at some schools that there was a hierarchy. You could feel it in some admissions waiting rooms. But at other schools it seemed like a true community.
The rule book will spell out pretty clearly how infractions are dealt with and who decides. Many schools have a community of peers that weighs in on the matter. So students can actually be voting to kick a kid out the door ( and they do!!). I know of two schools that threw kids out (one minor infraction but had security implications, the other cheating). But if it’s in the hands of a single admin, I guess anything can happen.
The one strike and your out rule would make infractions less likely.
I agree that no school is going to take on risk.

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After reading through some of the blm/bipoc instagram accounts over the summer, I think there is a perception among students at various schools that disciplinary systems are applied differently.

I agree having students involved in the disciplinary process and also that schools won’t tolerate major infractions from anyone.

My one tiny bit of info to add is that I do know that Blair kicked out a wrestler a couple of years ago, I believe for punching a fellow student but I don’t remember the details and I don’t know if that was public info or something I heard elsewhere. It was a pretty big story in the wrestling community when it happened.

For reference, Blair has the best wrestling program (public or private school) in the country, and this kid was (still is) on track for NCAA and possible Olympic hardware.

My gut feeling is that fac brat and donor are probably in one class, then full pay, then impact level athlete, then everyone else. When I had discussions with a couple people about this, it also seemed like the rules may be applied a bit more unequally at one strike schools. At a 2 or 3 strike place, it is a bit easier even for well connected families to see this coming and know that their kid needs to get it together or there will be serious consequences. If there is no warning and an abrupt severe punishment, there is more potential headache for the school than one where the parents knew the kid was on thin ice already.

All of my info is 3rd hand, but this is an area I have been asking about privately when doing my search this year.

Thanks to all who replied!

I would also think about the instagram posts. They are voices and very important. They are also the voices of the folks where something went terribly wrong. And they happened over decades. So not the same experience for every student across every decade. Ask current students and parents if you can. Look for current thinking. Ask,

I recall getting a “support the annual fund” from a fellow parent, big donor, one week and his kid getting kicked out for academic dishonesty the next. Awkward but reassuring that everyone was playing by the same rules.

So yes, depends on the school.

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