erau admission essay plz comment

<p>I believe life would best be described as a teacher. Sometimes it can give you the best and worst lessons you will ever receive. The worst thing about these lessons is that there are no text books or answer sheets to help you achieve the correct answer. Many times you just have to keep bumping your head until a solution presents itself. There are times when you can find a solution before the bell rings and your test is over and other times you have to fail in order to see what the correct answer was. </p>

<p>At 24 years old my friends tell me I have been through more than most people go through in their whole life and honestly I can say that life has been very particular in giving me lesson after lesson. The last 5 years have been I daresay the most “entertaining” of my life. It is worth noting that they were served in the military. Many fond memories of times that I wanted to quit during runs, airborne operations, not mention all of basic training and airborne school. After going through the pain you realize that you have become that much stronger not only in body but in your mind also. The realization that I survived the worst my drill sergeant could give me, gave me an immense sense of pride that lead to me accomplishing more than I ever thought possible. This to me is life lesson number one: Have confidence in yourself, you capable of a lot more than you believe.
After my initial training I was sent to my first unit where I encountered an interesting individual. I daresay I thought I wanted to choke the life out of this individual. Every day they were on me pushing me, driving me, making do things that I hated doing. It seemed she was trying to turn me into a thing called a “leader”. Being the stubborn 19 year old I was of course I fought the change. I thought I was already good enough and content to stay out of the crowd work in the shadows. Well she had a drive that could give more power to New York City than a nuclear power plant. I was driven to the point to where I finally had enough. There was no way I could have foreseen that I was capable of leading soldiers. When I left from under her tutelage and transferred to my next unit I was immediately made squad leader. Within two weeks I was recommended for the Warrior Leadership Course to prepare for my promotion to sergeant. This would be life lesson number two: When people are hard on you it is not always because they hate you. Some want to see rise to your actual potential.
Well, while my work life was taking off my home life was totally crumbling. I had been being domestically abused during the past year and now my fiancée just had my second child. Today I believe that I was just holding on for the children. We later found out that she had been suffering from post-partum depression ever since the birth of our first child who was born five months before our second was conceived. Eventually things just took a turn for the worse. Our youngest child ended up in the hospital for seizures. The doctors told us that his seizures were due to him being abused. So in response to this Social Services took our first child too. While one child was fighting for his life and the other with a foster family I managed to find her in the bathroom with another guy. Needless to say the relationship was over after that incident. A little over year later the culprit was found to be my ex-fiancée. I learned two life lessons here: Sometimes it is better to just let go rather than hang on and let the damage get worse, and, you never know exactly what you have until its gone(as far as my kids are concerned.).
Now my oldest son lives with his grandparents doing fine. My youngest son stays with a foster family in NC that lets me see him when I can. The doctors diagnosis was that he would never see, walk, or talk. As it stands now my son has his eyesight back and is very close to walking and talking. Every time I speak to his parents he has made a new leap and I am overjoyed to know he is recovering so well. When he first entered the hospital I was told he would not survive the night. After that night I was told he would not survive three days. Now he is 2 years old and loving life. My son taught me one the most important lesson of all and he is the reason I am here writing this application. I could not bear to look at him in ten years after what he has endured and I have not accomplished a single thing. This is life lesson number five: Never give up no matter how bleak the situation looks.
So, in writing this I did not mean to give you a sob story. What is written is meant to show you that I am serious about admission to your school. Simply because this is not just about me; I have people who have had hands in my life that I can not disappoint. As it stands ERAU is the best school to obtain my degree in aerospace engineering.</p>