ERAU admissions

Does anybody know what it means that in Embry-Riddle’s Ernie account the student homepage with 6-7 tabs appeared before notification of acceptance?

Wondering the same thing. Do you have things on the to-do list like immunizations, writing assessment etc? There is a tab to pay the deposit as well but have not heard anything from the school. Application just says complete.

Yes. Certification of immunizations is added to the to-do-list today. There is a tab to pay the deposit. On the applicant page, there is a tab showing tuition deposit of $200 is due. Still no notification from the school. No writing assessment, though. What is that?

Composition Online Evaluation
Due: 09/18/2021
Admissions Program
Please access the Composition Online Evaluation. This evaluation will be used to determine your appropriate placement into a composition course.

That is what is listed. There was a housing contract to do as well but that has been removed. The housing deposit is still listed to pay though. Asked the admissions counselor but he wouldn’t say anything other than decisions are going out in 2 weeks.

Does yours just have “Application completed?” Status Application Complete

Ernie has been like this for 3 weeks.

Yes, the housing contract appeared a few days ago and then was moved. You can still access it, though. The Applicant page says “Application complete”.

Aeronautical science?

The waiting is really hard! Let us know if you receive anything.

Global Conflict/Homeland Security

Agreed. Will let you know. Please let us know also. Fingers crossed for you.

Thank you!! Good Luck to you as well!

I did get an update. The first round of acceptances are going out today! They used an outside vendor this year for acceptance packets. They were suppose to go out as the students were accepted but there was a glitch. They also turned off the ability to see if you were accepted in the portal because they wanted the students to get the packets first.

Thank you for the update!

I hope the snail mail is all worth the drama of prolonged waiting. Another FL school sent a packet to us and it took a whole 8 days to reach us!

I am so glad I found this thread! I had no idea I needed to make an ERNIE account or when we would be notified of acceptance. I applied for Homeland Security and wish I could’ve created my account earlier to see if I was accepted (I’m impatient about this kind of stuff haha).
But good luck to everyone and thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Good luck to you, too. I’m all for the excellent kids who are striving for a bright future in aviation and cybersecurity!

I spoke to one of the admissions officers and this is what she said.

“As for the to-do list items, don’t focus on the due dates- those are automatically generated when items are added to the list but nothing will happen if the dates expire before you have a chance to complete them. You can work on them as soon as you receive an admissions decision.”

I hope this helps.

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Where did you hear that they sent out letters on Friday? Did anyone get one yet?

Still waiting. . . but mails can take 7-8 days to reach us.

Still waiting as well. The mail is always slow haha

My daughter received her acceptance package on Tuesday. The packages are now going out on Tuesdays and Fridays according to my admissions contact. They are a little back logged. You will not see your acceptance in Ernie. They turned it off this year so that you receive your package first. You should have an answer soon!

BTW - If you get accepted it will be a box that comes! Won’t fit in a mail box so check by your door or wherever the post office leaves packages.

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