ERAU Football

Why doesn’t ERAU have a football team? Does the lack of a football team dampen the college experience?

ERAU is in the Sunshine State conference which doesn’t sponsor football. If a school in the conference wants football, it has to find another conference to join just for football. Florida Tech has a football team and they have to travel OOS to find opponents.

It is a different college experience not to have football. Not good, not bad, just different. Some of the other sports may have big followings, like soccer or baseball. Many of the sports don’t really have a big crowd at meets or games, like golf, tennis, swimming, but the school are competitive in those.

A slight aside but do you know if Florida Tech is going to be bringing back football? They cut it this year and it’s hard to tell from the website if that’s a permanent move. My son likes both ERAU and FIT so just trying to get all the info (though football admittedly wouldn’t be one of the most important things to him). Thanks!

I don’t know. The prior president is the one who wanted football and really supported it. The new (newer, he’s been pres. a few years but has been at the school for many years) president did not want football when he was the 2nd in command and I don’t know if he supports it now. The AD has been the rowing coach for many years and he tends to favor the rowing teams and the rowing budget.

I imagine it will be back if the conference plays football this year. At these schools,other sports are much more important than football - baseball, basketball, soccer.

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