ERC College for Physiology & Neuroscience Major

<p>ERC was definitely not my first choice, but I'm glad I at least got in. Does anyone know if having this college for my Physiology & Neuroscience major will have any real affect on me? I don't like having all these humanity GE's but other than that would it really matter for my major? Thanks...</p>

<p>Haha, ERC was not my first choice college either AND I'm currently a neuroscience major. Unless you really, really detest writing there's nothing wrong with these two facts coinciding with one another. The GE's and your major requirements won't have any huge impacts on each other. To be honest I think what college you're in only affects your first two years at UCSD (in terms of living arrangements and GE's). Otherwise the majority of your courses are based off your major.</p>

<p>And yes, you can graduate in 4 years. Here's proof:</p>

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