Eric Carle Dies, Age 91

I have to believe most of us many many Eric Carle books to children over the years. Imaginative, colorful -I’ve never tired of reading them, never regretted an Eric Carle being the bedtime pick to read for the 1000th time!

Best known for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” series - but so many more!

What is your or was your child’s your favorite Eric Carle book?

Two especially loved in our house

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This fabulous museum is next to Hampshire College MA. It’s just a terrific museum. Eric Carle donated almost all of his original drawings for his books. It’s just a wonderful place to go and celebrate his life.

He sure brought joy to many people both young and old. RIP.


The Mountain that Loved a Bird.

From his family:
“In the light of the moon, holding on to a good star, a painter of rainbows is now traveling across the night sky."



My youngest GD loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and at the ripe age of 23 months, has been exposed to many of his books.

I will never think of caterpillars the same again :frowning:

My most requested and popular lesson plans for TK “push-in” speech and language lessons were Eric Carle’s books. It made my teaching very effective and the lessons stuck.

For Brown Bear, Brown Bear, I used the “Where is Thumbkin?” music to teach Brown Bear “lyrics” such that all of my TK non-English speakers could read the words, with just a few lessons. They would sing it during their recesses.
For “The Hungry Caterpillar”, each student made a copy of each page of the book on 9 x 12 construction paper with each of the “eaten” items containing large holes. The pages were then laminated and bound together (and I re-cut the holes!). The children then all made chenille Hungry Caterpillars and “read/retold” the story while having their caterpillars travel/eat through each item. Very powerful, effective and memory-boosting. The parents loved each “book” we recreated and loved that their children could re-read each page.
With the Hermit Crab, we made large “shells” and had the children bring items that they would bring to a new home.
Going to miss his creativity. :pensive:


May tissue paper art live on in the colorful imaginative minds of young and old!

@thumper1 I’ve always wanted to have the chance to visit the EC museum. I follow them on social media and have used some of their resources in my work.

Agreed….I have a ton of his books. When I retired, I gave a lot of my things away…but I kept all of the Eric Carle books. Such creative stories and pictures.

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They were well read in our house also. I loved the bright colors.

My kids liked Brown Bear best, or maybe that was me.

A good reminder to make sure my grandkids are exposed to his work.