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<p>6.( Among )a the most dangerous environmental threats that we face (are)b “compu – garbage,” the nonbiodegrable and (often toxic)c waste resulting from the improper (disposal of )d obsolete personal computers. No error</p>

<p>Persistent use of antibacterial soaps in homes ( both kills )a (many innocuous)b bacteria and
(encourages)c harmful ones to develop (even more resistant)d strain. No error</p>

<li>To insist that a poem means whatever (one)a (wants it)b to mean is often (ignoring)c the intention and (even)d the words of the poet. No error</li>

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<p>The error for #6 is B(are), for “among” is a prepositional word; therefore, the noun referring to B is after B–compu-garbage, not before B–threats. In addition, the sentence after the word “garbage” is only describing what “compu-garbage” is. </p>

<p>I think the answer to the question after 6 is “no error”</p>

<p>The answer to question 29, I think, should be “D(even)” because the word “also” makes a good connection with the word “and”.</p>

<p>The answer for 6 is B, because it should be is. Compu-garbage is singular, so are would be incorrect.
I think the second one is correct.
The third one… Hm. It seems a little off, but I can’t find any specific problems, so I would say no error.</p>

<p>The answer to #29 is C; it should be “to ignore” (parallelism).</p>

<p>(to those of us ) who (had heard ) the principal of the high school talk ( about ) the budget , the news off the staff cuts ( was not ) surprising .</p>

<p>the answer is (E) but us & those have no antecedent so how the sentence is right</p>

<p>First- and second-person pronouns do not require antecedents.</p>