Error in Application

<p>Hello , its my first time posting here so bear with me if this is posted in the wrong section.</p>

<p>I think I made a mistake in my application for CSU Fullerton on the California residency area.
I put down that my family and I have been a resident for a while now of California only to realize "Oh crap , what if they ask me to confirm it?" which I can't. Reason why is because I have been hopping from place to place living with friends and basically being homeless BUT we've been in California and no other state all this time. So here's my question : Will this hurt me in any way? Like if the college asks me to prove it and I can't with they throw my application out?
I dear hope not considering that was my priority school and I REALLY want to go there ...</p>

<p>So any advice or help with this will be great.</p>

<p>Please and Thank you.</p>

<p>'s not like you can do anything, right? You wouldn't be able to prove residency for anywhere else either, and honestly, you are telling the truth - so don't worry. And no, they won't throw your application out.</p>