Error in Applying..

<p>When I applied to Carnegie Mellon I chose CIT for the school I wanted to apply to, and SCS as second choice (which is pretty stupid, I understand).
I actually wanted SCS - so my question is, how difficult is it to get into SCS from CIT from within the university?</p>

<p>If you got into both schools then it shouldn't matter.</p>

<p>If you only got into CIT, you might want to talk to someone in the schools of CS or think of just getting a minor if there actually is something in CIT you're interested in doing.</p>

<p>Is it much more difficult to get into SCS than CIT? When we went to the CMU presentation, the rep said to apply to all schools which you might be interested in because if you change your mind at CMU, you can only transfer to another school if you were originally accepted into that school and if there is space available. That was my understanding at the presentation. Therefore, it is good to apply to both CIT and SCS because if you are accepted into both schools, you may have a little more flexibility once you get to CMU to change between those two schools space permitting.</p>

<p>You don't have to be originally accepted in order to transfer. It might be that if you want to transfer before the start of freshman year, you must have been originally accepted. Otherwise, you can transfer at the end of freshman year.</p>

<p>The process for transferring to SCS is here:<a href=""&gt;;/a> page 330 in the catalog</p>

<p>Basically you have to have taken the basic computer programming class (15-211 Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms) and done well in it, they don't say how many are accepted each year, but do say that "Extremely few external [i.e. from other universities] transfers are admitted."</p>

<p>is it possible to transfer for hss to science?</p>