Errors in Yale app (uh oh)

I might be overreacting, but I submitted my Yale application and found that in my common app essay, I forgot a comma in the last paragraph.

I’ve been losing sleep over it. Do y’all think it’ll affect my chances significantly? Would I come across as careless?

Seriously, you joined 9 minutes ago to ask this? Sure. And it’s quite the fall from my turnip truck.

Well yeah I’m sorry if I came off a certain way. I was just really really stressed about my Yale application.

It’s fine!! I felt the same way last year, and I still got into college----a singular comma will not be why your decision was made one way or the other. Now get off of CC and go read a book or do something fun! :smile:

Yale has a 5% acceptance rate. They look for reasons to reject. They have now found one. It’s community college for you.


…or if the comma would have been an Oxford comma having it might have scuppered our app if the AO who reads your app isn’t a fan of them: some people take the Oxford comma debate Very Seriously.

Seriously…you have completely missing the point if you think that a comma is ever going to be the deciding factor in whether to accept or reject a candidate.

It’s natural to obsess about something like this, especially when an application is important to you and you have really invested a lot of time and effort. Trust that the admission review process is holistic. Your application will be seen for its overall content in its entirety, not the omission of a comma.


This should put your mind at ease:

The same thing happened to me!! Do not worry, I appliead rea to yale and im pretty sure we will be fine!! All these people are so rude for making fun of you when this is such a valid stress factor!! They will probably not even see it because they go through everuthing so fast!!