errors on clep exam guide?

<p>I recently purchased the CLEP® College Algebra Exam Guide.
I was interested to hear if anyone had purchased this and if they come across any errors.</p>

<p>I was disappointed that the guide only offered an answer key, and did not offer explanations.
If anyone has reviewed this exam document and as any advice to offer please feel free to share! I would appreciate it :)</p>

<p>If anyone can recommend other study books or guides for the college algebra exam , please share as well. I would prefer it if the person who makes these recommendations has taken the test themselves, given they know what was on the test a so forth.
thanks again!</p>

<p>I scored a 62 on the College Algebra exam using the Clep Professor.</p>

<p>I may have found some errors in the "college mathematics" section of the CLEP book...but I'm not sure. I know you posted this a while ago, but do you happen to know which questions you thought had the wrong answers?</p>