Espm 50

<p>any advice on doing well in this class. what are the quizzes, exams, papers like. hows the grading. thanks for any info</p>

<p>Class is a joke. Do all the work and it's an A.</p>

<p>Anyone know if I can use a reader from a past semester?
And if different teachers have different readers?</p>

<p>if you're taking it in the fall with Spreyer, an old read will be fine. many people used no reader (i.e. did zero reading) and got A's. however, it's kinda low class and disrespectful to the class and the professor to do that. I recommend trying to get an old reader for cheap so you can skim the readings and read whatever is particularly interesting to you. Spreyer sets up a bSpace page to buy/sell them. haha also I have some that'd I'd part with for super cheap, like 15 bucks for both (but this has no influence on my recommendation to do the readings! you might even be able to get them for free at one of those reader recycler things or if you have a friend who took it)</p>