Essay about plagiarism?

I got caught plagerizing in 9th grade. I heard that I should write an essay about it if I am asked to describe a time of “adversity” but besides that you shouldnt bring it up. Also check if its on your transcript

I do not think this is a good essay topic. If it does not come up in any other way, I think it is unwise to raise the topic.


so if its not on an official transcript are you fine? How do I know the counselor wont talk about it or “check the boxes” like someone else mentioned

I know my counselor… Should I just email them or something? What if they dont know about it and then they have to write about it on my letter?

If you know/have a relationship with your GC that will be writing the college rec letter, you should talk about that with them sooner rather than later. If you don’t yet know the GC that will be writing your rec, bring that up when it makes sense. Bottom line, you must proactively address this with your GC. I leave it to you and your parents to best manage the timeline.

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Make an appointment to speak with the counselor now. If for some reason there IS something on the transcript, you will need TIME to deal with it - so you don’t want to find out about this in October.

In many cases, even if there is something adverse on your transcript, if there’s been no further issue, the school might be willing to remove it, if you ask them to. I recall there was a kid at my school who was suspended for his chronic pot smoking near campus in the middle of the day - and they removed it from his transcript before he applied to college (he got into an Ivy).

If you got caught plagiarizing because you were being careless and nothing really happened to you, can that really be considered an adversity?

Related to the subject of this thread…

Your essays are supposed to show the person you want the adcoms to “know”. Do you want to be known as a reformed cheater? I’m guessing not.

Pick another topic for your essays. Here you are worrying about whether this is on your transcript but you wonder about using it for an essay? Does that make any sense?

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