Essay brainstorm.. Help!

<p>I am very stuck on this prompt. I really like that the school is very big on community service and educating the "whole person". Does anyone have any other good ideas for this prompt? Any help is much appreciated.
What aspect of this school's strategic mission appeals to you?</p>

<p>Two things about this request surprise me.</p>

<p>One is that you haven’t named the college or university. It would be hard to talk about “this school’s strategic mission” without knowing which school it is.</p>

<p>The other is that you seem to think it’s both wise and OK to rely on strangers on the internet to do your thinking for you. This just seems to me like a request for an inappropriate kind and amount of help.</p>

<p>OK, I’m done with my soapbox now.</p>

<p>I meant to put the school, but I forgot to.
The school is Santa Clara university.
Also, I have thought a lot about this essay, and what to write before posting for help. I only wanted to see different perspectives on how to answer the prompt. I am not asking anyone to write the essay or to do my thinking for me. It was just a way to help me get new ideas that I may have not thought of. Thanks.</p>

<p>I see. Sorry if I was too judgmental.</p>


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<p>Sikorsky - I thought that was kind of harsh. Everyone would say that’s kind of huge open topic and sometimes you just get blocked up with how to start going. </p>

<p>josephine, I said this in another thread and this is something I do. My parents get the New Yorker which is obviously full of tons of essays by amazing writers. Sometimes I just take the first sentence of one - maybe it’s like “When I was younger there was nothing better than a good ice cream sandwich.” I change that sentence to something that means something to me. Maybe it then turns into “When I was a kid there was nothing I liked better than going to a baseball game.” And then see where the topic you’re answering takes you. </p>

<p>I don’t think that’s plagiarism or sampling or anything like it. Sometimes you just need to put your first foot down somewhere, that’s all. Have a good one.</p>

<p>This prompt is a potential minefield because they will get so many essays that say the same thing. I can’t imagine plowing through these. You should try really hard to distinguish yourself. Even if you say something like community service, it will resonate more if you have community service in your EC’s. So try to personalize the mission. Are there aspects of holistic education there that you don’t think you would get elsewhere?</p>