Essay Complete

<p>oh yes. my biggest worry in life is now fin-e-to! I just couldnt, not post this. So now you guys can all sleep better at night knowing!</p>

<p>congrats Ill be finished by tonight!</p>

<p>Darn it, you all reminded me I should work on my grad school personal statements!</p>

<p>i've been procrastinating for months now. I finally got a day on a weekend where i didnt have to work, so i had no other choice. Good luck to both of you though.</p>

<p>are you sure that its your final draft? i wrote at least three drafts before i got my final product (that got me in)</p>

<p>i know its not my final draft... just excited that i have the first done. ive been sweating for months to just fnid a topic... thats all i mean.</p>