Essay Confusion

<p>I'm kind of confused, the application essays online are different from the application essays in the booklet I received in the mail. Anybody care to explain?</p>

<p>I'm not exactly sure why they are different but I would just call the admissions office to make sure the essays online aren't from last year or something like that. I'm still a junior so I can't really see what you're seeing...</p>

<p>That's kinda weird.</p>

<p>Are they drastically different? Or if there's at least two taht are the same between the booklet and the internet, I'd write on those two.</p>

<p>But yeah, contact admissions.</p>

<p>Yeah, I asked my english teacher, and she said that the essays online are def. from last year so she thinks that the essays in the booklet are the ones for this year. Yeah, the essays are completely different, not very similar at all. I tried to e-mail the admissions office, but I keep getting an e-mail saying that my e-mail didn't get through to them, so I might call them this week.</p>

<p>were you doing it from UNC's website? I have a friend who did it from the CFNC website and it was last year's app</p>

<p>Yeah, I tried both from the UNC website and CFNC website</p>

<p>oh. Well when teh admissions rep from Carolina came to my school a few weeks ago, she said the thing about choosing which essay was short and which was long was new, so I assumed that was the right essays that they were giving us a choice for.</p>

<p>Wait, sorry, what <em>are</em> the new essays? I haven't received an application in the mail--I've just been writing mine based off the online application. Is this wrong??</p>

<p>yeah, I'd like to know too</p>

<p>fall 2007 admissions booklet essays:
1. Imagine that you could design your own class. Write a description for this class and what you hope you and your classmates would learn.
2. On the theory that you can learn a lot about ppl. from the company they keep, tell us about a good friend of yours. What do you most respect about this person and why?
3. Describe a mistake that you've seen some leader make, and tell us what you would have done differently. PLease keep in mind that the leader in question doesn't have to be prominent; instead, the person could be someone in your community, your school, or your hosuehold - maybe even yourself.
4. Tell us about a diff. conversation that you ones had with someone. What did you learn from this conversation? Did you say anything you now regret saying, or is there soemthing you now wish you had said?
5. What are you really curious about? How has this curiosity affected your life? what happens to you wehn you experience this curiosity.
6. too long to type
7. The logo for unc-ch is teh old well. If you could choose a logo or symbol to represent you, what would it be and why?
8. If you have written an essay for another school's app. that you really like, feel free to use it as your longer essay for us. Please be sure to tell us what essay you are answering and why you think thi sessay represents you well(not counted in word count).</p>

<p>Those are the ones online, I'm pretty sure. And on the downloadable forms, not the online app. Because I definitely started writing on those ones and I was using the forms.</p>

<p>Um, that's the ones on the online app, too.</p>

<p>The questions on CFNC are from last year, but the ones on Carolina's web site and the paper application are for this year.</p>

<p>Yeah, schmivy, sorry, I meant they were the same on both.</p>

<p>O wow, sorry guys, weird, last time I showed my english teacher, they were different essays, I guess they changed them. Sorry for the confusion.</p>