ESSAY DONE, questions on SAT IIs

<p>first of all I finished a rough (very rough) draft of my admissions essay to ND and I was wondering if ne1 would be interested in reading it over and giving me some insight if i posted it...</p>

<p>also i've asked this before but havent really got a clear answer... my sat IIs (took physics math II and us history) ... i got around a 700 on all 3 and i was wondering if i should send my scores to ND and if they will actually look at them... the thing is i did so crappy on my SAT Is and focused only on the ACT and i was told that if you send the SAT II scores your SAT Is automatically get sent... WHAT SHOULD I DO</p>

<p>thx all,</p>


<p>umm you cannot escape it dude, you seem to have a pretty decent score... Even if you send your SAT I scores, your SAT II will go. no matter what you do... so try to improve your standing a bit. maybe retake the exam if you are really desperate.....
anyways, what's ND?</p>

<p>What exactly were your ACT and SAT scores, if you don't mind my asking? SATIIs are optional, but if your application is borderline, they might help you. </p>

<p>P.S. gg- look at the forum you are in...</p>

<p>31 on my act (waiting on my scores from last weekend, keep ur fingers crossed) and a 3.99 GPA (one B all of H.S. stupid calc bc) im ranked about 15/650 and 3/650 weighted... i have varsity fball captain and varsity basketball captain and will have taken 10 ap classes</p>

<p>ahhh i cant find my transcript but SAT is really low like maybe 1800s and sat IIs i think were like math II: 720 physics: 720 us hist: 690</p>

<p>every1 tells me "send ur act score" well duh i am debating whether i should send the SAT IIs or not b/c in order to send the II's i gotta send the I's which is bad news bears lol thx for ne input...</p>

<p>p.s. for the record, genericgenius, ND stands for Notre Dame lol its ok, brain farts are fun ;)</p>

<p>I'd be happy to read your essay sent 4 kids to college and 1 on the way.</p>