Essay + EC personal statement?

<p>I wanted to write my essay on one of my EC's, but there's also a space for an 150 word personal statement on an EC of your choosing. Is it redundant/bad to write both on the same EC? Or should my essay focus on something different?</p>

<p>Any help would be great, thanks!</p>

<p>I also would like to know opinions on this as I plan on doing the same thing.</p>


<p>I don't see why it would hurt.</p>

<p>I was browsing through a college's website, and I read that having two essays with essentially the same subject (in this case, the same EC) was a big no-no... It could just apply to that school, but IDK.... I wouldn't take my chances!!</p>

<p>Thing is, the only way the adcoms have to know you is through the app. If you write the short and the personal essay on the same topic, you miss a chance to (even in a small way) let them see more of you. Plus it can look like you either lack imagination- or only have this one EC that matters to you. There are some rare exceptions.</p>