Essay for LACs/women's college about modelling experience?

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Is my dd shooting herself in the foot with this topic? She’s written a very good essay about her shyness and self doubt, and about how being asked to model by a big LA company (we’re from a small rural town) helped her to throw off her self doubt and ground all her activities, especially academic, in a newfound self confidence.

It’s completely true (not that this matters much, I know), and she does talk about her dilemma as a feminist knowing the negatives of the industry, and how she grasped the opportunity anyway despite her misgivings.

The essay also emphasizes her hard work and perserverance in making her modelling adventure a success. She’s a thoughtful person, and I think the essay shows that she carefully considers her actions.

But is this an odd topic to send to women’s colleges/lefty liberal LACs?

I remember you previous posts because the modeling was unusual. I think it’s fine. I’m guessing they don’t see many essays, if any, on this topic. If she is a good writer, she can go for it.

Thank you for your input! Yes, I remember back then in that discussion someone wrote, "at the very least, she’ll get a college essay out of it’ and…here we are :frowning:

She could write a whole other essay (don’t get her started) on why it’s ok to write a college essay on some great sports moment or some sport injury, but modelling needs careful framing because of people’s biases (I sure had plenty!)

What you just mentioned could possibly find its way into her essay. If I recall, your daughter is a top student. I would be interested in reading what she comes up with. Feel free to send it to me when she writes it and I will give you my honest opinion.

That is so generous! Thanks so much. I will dm you :smile:

I think it could be a great topic. There are so many angles, from leaving one’s comfort zone to being in an industry that’s all about how you look (in a society that is working hard to tell girls that’s not what matters). I say go for it!

Sounds like a good topic to me – interesting, unusual, and true to who she is.

If there is any school that would reject your D on the basis of this essay topic (which is HIGHLY HIGHLY DOUBTFUL) then that isn’t the right place for her anyway.

thanks @gardenstategal and @happy1

Very true about not wanting to be at a place that wouldn’t appreciate the topic that is close to your heart… Thanks for that reminder :slight_smile:

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You posted 3 years ago about your daughter’s college essay. My daughter will be a senior applying to LACs (Midwest and East coast). She was recently scouted by a modeling agency when we were on vacation in London. Trying to decide if she should sign a contract with them. Curious about your daughter’s experience with juggling modeling during college.

It proved very difficult. Both are full time endeavors. Too many times to count, my daughter had to turn down shoots etc because she couldn’t miss a math class or whatever. Even during the summer it proved hard, since she has had internships that were equally hard to juggle with modelling. It may depend on what your daughter intends to study but with my daughter’s STEM focus, it wasn’t possible to miss a class and just catch up on the weekend. Good luck with your decision.