Essay for practice test #2

<p>Changes that make our lives easier do make them better. Even though problems occur because of the simplicity, all in all that simplicity help helps to create a more prosperous life. This notion is exemplified through literature as well as history.</p>

<p>"Change that simplifies our being, helps our being." This quote was taken form Paulo Coelo's "The Alchemist." Roy, the protagonist, faces many difficult times; his parents died, he has nowhere to live, and he has no friends. Roy's life was coming to an end when suddenly, like a car coming through deep fog, a man gives him cattle and gold. Roy, thought diligent practice, became one of the best known herder in the land a few year after the random man gave Roy these gifts. With the gold, Roy bought a house and raised a family; his life turned all for the better when made easier.</p>

<p>Another illustration of change for the better is the valiant attempt attempt of the Spartans of Kenzo to hold of the vile Bulgos. The Spartans were severely outnumbered, fifteen to one. Also, the battle ground where the Spartans would have to fight was very open, leaving the Spartans with no place to take cover. Fortunately, the Myriads, an ally of the Spartans, brought many boulder and other immense objects to help shield the Spartans from the Bulgo archers. This not only help make the Spartans life easier, it made it better because the Spartans won the battle of Tranx, even though they were outnumbered. </p>

<p>This theme is also illustrated through my life. When studying for a biology test, I came to the realization that may of my notes went missing, and there was no way to study. Fortunately, my teacher gave me an extension not only making my life easier, but better. I was given to more days to get all of the notes I needed, and that act of generosity led me to a 100 percent on the exam. </p>

<p>Changes that make our lives easier definetley make them better. From "The Alchemist" to the Spartans to my own life simplicity can turn many lives around, and change them in a positive way. Changes can make life more simple, leaving us with less hassle and more pleasure.</p>

<p>I feel really rushed when i am writing my essay, not giving me any time to proofread. My ideas are not that great either, and i am looking for ways to improve my essay skills. I can consistently get around the 640-740 and 650-750 range but my essay usually hurts me alot. This is the second essay I have written I think I'll be able to improve. I want to get my writing score into the 700 range, so any help would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>This is an 8. Use slightly more advanced language and be more aggressive when trying to prove your point. Don't assume your examples stand on their own -- use them to reinforce a cognent argument, not as an end to themselves.</p>

<p>changes that make our lives easier make them better ? In what way ?</p>

<p>technology has it has made it easier to travel, obtain info and communicate. </p>

<p>So your thesis: Technology has made it easier to travel, obtain info and communicate sounds more specific? ie we dont have to travel by caravan to see our friends, we don't have to go to the library or to musuems around the world--its one boot and one click away, and to communicate we don't have to send a messenger -we can email, cell text....</p>

<p>make it easy on yourself...literature and history is not needed all the time.</p>