Essay help (urgent)

<p>Hello, I need help with my essay that is due in 2 days. I always get an a- on my essays because my teachers always say that my thesis and topic sentances are garbage, but my evidence and analysis is amazing. Can someone please write down an amazing thesis and precisely what it is. Also a few topic sentances would be nice. I am trying to get straight A's junior year and no a-'s.</p>


<p>Yeah i am good at that stuff, my thesis sucks! If someone could give me an example of a great thesis that would be amazing. I have an inclass essay tommorow worth 60pts hah.</p>

<p>GU NOT is right. I'd start with a quote. and "I think.." or "I believe..." won't get attention, it's not convincing; your trying to sway someone to your side; not just to tell them your opinion.</p>