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<p>I have to write an essay about someone who has had an influence in a particular way. So I decided to write how my mother cured my severe case of asthma.</p>

<p>My mother taught me if you believe in something whole heartedly it does not matter if everyone else disagrees. As long as I beleive I put my best effort toward making it a reality. if i never try, I will never know what would have happened, My mother exemplified her determination by defeating my severe case of asthma.
Sincebirth, I suffered from severe asthma. I was rushed several times a week due to the severity of the attacks, i was restricted from interacting with animals and things I loved. At five years old, I utilized my nebulizer, as if it were my extra lung. As I had fallen captive to the pharmaceutical giants, my condition worsened. My mother was told I had to be put on steroids. My mother asked if there was an alternative to detrimental drugs. The doctor said "No", concluding I would be a slave to pharmaceutical giants just like her son.
At one of my periodical checkups, test reults showed my cholestrol level was insanely high and was given the incentive to return three weeks later. My mother stupefied by the results, asked if altering my diet would help. The doctor with her sophomoric attitutude said "No".
During one of my asthmatic crises my mother gave me a steroid, tempted to give another steroid, she resisted. I stood, willingly, ready to digest this demoralizing pill. To my amazement, she immediately put the pill down and pursued other alternatives, such as the local health food store. As she spole to an elderly gentleman at the health food store he comforted my mother's anguishing pain by showing her the panoply of natural health products. Three weeks later, i went to receive my next checkup. The doctor stubbornly insisted she had faith in my mother's plans. The messaging emerging from the doctor was potentially devastating in its simplicity, my mother's plan amazingly suceeded.
My mother realized what she had learned in medical school was anachronistic in this age of diseases. My mother read and read for natural ways that would not harm my body, refusing to give drugs fearing their effect. I realized her determination. I charged all my strenous mental training, every molecule in my body , every last drop of desire was directed and concentrated on that single purpose of breating as I exploded through my imperfection's defenses driving a solitary fist into it.
After many years, my mother developed a health drink and gave it to me. My lungs became stronger. my last asthmatic attack I had, was November of 2000. The entire family household does not utilize drugs to heal our bodies. Amid of cacophony of contradictory messages and castigation, my mother remained steadfast in her beliefs. I now experience the freedom of breathing, no longer are the bricks imprisoning my chest.</p>

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