Essay help

<p>Ok, so ive maxed out my "adult" editors of my essay. I talked to my two english teachers available (my other two weren't available, one left the school and the other is a dud), and I read it to my dad. I dont want my mom to read it because, well, I dont know why, but she hasnt read my papers since 6th grade and I guess its something of a superstition. However, I would prefer not to post it online for the whole world to see. So, is anybody willing to look at/edit/critique it? My email is in my profile.</p>

<p>Thanks for help...


<p>Your email is not in your profile. Do you want to put it in for a brief time?</p>

<p>Thanks for letting me know Marite. Its in my profile now and it works :-)</p>