essay length

<p>How long are you making the two (why penn, choice of 3) essays? In the paper copy of the app it says to make it a page.. single spaced? 1" margins size 12? </p>


<p>Do what you can to fit it on a regularly-margined paper. Obviously single-space it but if you don't have to, don't manipulate the margines too much. They say "a page" because they have to read so many essays, not becuase they want to see how creative kids can get with one sheet of paper. Ya know what I mean?</p>

<p>i remember asking this at an info meeting.</p>

<p>my memory's going bad, but i'm pretty sure they said just be reasonable. one inch margins, 10 or 12, single space is okay.</p>

<p>but remember, the longer something is, the chance of someone else reading it decreases.</p>

<p>if i were doing it again, i think double space, 10 pt with one inch margins would be a good amount of writing. that gives you enough room to get your point across without being too long.</p>